Rainbow Angels Childcare

About us

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique in terms of character, emotions, talent and creativity. And they are full of curiosity and all intelligent in different ways. Through our different programs we promote the development of creativity, artistic talents and social abilities along with helping them to develop the capabilities of interactions with others and learning about the world around them.

We provide opportunities to create, explore the environment, learn problem solving, and practice personal interaction skills. It is our privilege and responsibility to partner with you to make the transition froFullSizeRender(11)m home to preschool an enjoyable one.  

Our aim is to help and improve children’s development in a way that fulfill their individual, social and emotional needs. We focus on :

  1. Enjoy life as a happy human being and respect nature and environment
  2. Sharing and understanding cultural differences.

We do our best to make the first educational experience for your child as a happy and memorable one and help you to raise a happy child.